The Bouquet Design

The Bouquet pictures on our website are for reference only. Flowers and plants are natural, the ordered bouquet arrangement will be fine-tuned according to the arrangement of the incoming supplies. Incase the main flower needs to be changed, we will contacted you first for negotiation.

The packaging design will also be adjusted according to the actual color of the flowers supplies, or packaging materials of similar colors may be selected instead.

We will do our very best to suit your needs.

Flower and plants are fragile, we will try to ensure our products we make are closed to the pictures on our website, flowers and plants are living things, each living thing is unique, shape, colour and size of each of them will be different. Our florist will make corresponding designs according to the shape of the plants, in color matching and placement. We will try to match the product to the pictures as close as possible.

Merchandise and Delivery

Incase the bouquet delivered not in shaped, please call us as soon as possible when the bouquet is arriving: +852 2330 9300

Keep the product as it is. We will solve the issue as soon as possible and provide help and solutions.

Terms and Conditions

1. The content and pictures on the website are the property rights of our WishFlowerShop.

2. In addition to reproduce the contents of the website for personal and non-profit-making purposes, the contents of our websites included text, graphics, icons, audio, electronic downloads, materials and software. Remake or repost. If any content is reproduced for commercial purposes without the permission of the company, the company will pursue legal responsibility.